Consensual Unions and marriages in America Latina: two patterns of educative homogamy?
Luis López Ruiz, Albert Esteve and Anna Cabré

Marriage and free union from the perspective of Mexican youths living in Tijuana, Mexico
Norma Ojeda

Migration dynamics and industrial development: the occupational integration in Tierra del Fuego after its settlement
Nancy Elizabeth Carpinetti

The dynamics of migration in the context of recent migration: a new pattern?
María de Jesús Santiago Cruz

Migratory experience and identity processes of Japanese migrants in Madrid
Débora Betrisey

Socio-demographic scenarios in contexts of underdevelopment and negative population growth
Diego Enrique González and Humberto González

Environmental context and the spatial experience of ageing in the place of origin: the case of Granada
Diego Sánchez González

The parish archives of Villa de
Toluca, Mexico, 1684-1760

Georgina Yolotl Gallardo Hurtado and Lizbeth Margarita Osornio García

Reading books and socioeconomic and demographic characteristics:
Mexico in the early XXI century

Jorge Fernández Ruiz

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