Thompson index in the study of the extinction of indigenous-language speaking populations
Manuel Ordorica Mellado

Emergence of long run behaviours in a game theoretic setting with host and guest populations: residents and tourists
Elvio Accinelli, Juan Gabriel Brida, Edgar J. Sánchez Carrera and Lionello F. Punzo

Migration to the United States, remittances and regional development
Jesús Arroyo Alejandre and David Rodríguez Álvarez

Mexico in the air: dismantlement of labor sovereignty and dependence on remittances
Humberto Márquez Covarrubias

The impact of requesting Schengen visa on Latin American migration toward Spain
Daniela Vono De Vilhena, Andreu Domingo I Valls and María Helena Bedoya

Policies and social-aid programs in the cities of the XXI century
Alicia Ziccardi

Novas territorialidades e a sociedade de risco: evidências empíricas e desafios teóricos para a compreensão dos novos espaços da migração
Rosana Baeninger and Ricardo Ojima

A demo-geographic analysis of the small localities south of Mar del Plata, Argentina (1991-2001)
Sofía Estela Ares

Traveling together, sitting apart; a case of ethno-localization in everyday life spaces
Ángeles Arjona Garrido and Juan Carlos Checa Olmos

Visibility of gender violence: a challenge for public policies and demography
Sara Yaneth Fernández Moreno

Poor domestic groups, diabetes and gender: renew or die
Laura Elena Trujillo Olivera, Austreberta Nazar Beutelspacher, Emma Zapata Martelo and Erin I. J. Estrada Lugo

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