XV years of the Center of Research and Advanced Studies on the Population
Jaciel Montoya Arce

The Center of Research and Advanced Studies on the Population, 15 years of life
Manuel Ordorica

International labor migration as a strategy of economic stabilization at the household level in Mexico and Central America
Germán A. Zárate Hoyos

Are remittances a source of saving and investment in Mexico? A regional analysis of the households’ behavior
Jorge Eduardo Mendoza Cota and Eliseo Díaz González

Households and remittances in two States of international migration: the cases of Hidalgo and Nayarit
Germán Vega Briones and Liliana Huerta Rodríguez

International migration and remittances: socioeconomic impact on Guerrero
Alejandro Díaz Garay and María del Carmen Juárez Gutiérrez

Determinants of migration in Brazil: regional polarization and poverty traps
André Braz Golgher, Carlos Henrique Rosa and Ari Francisco de Araújo Junior

Urbanization and migration between cities, 1995-2000; a multi-level analysis
Enrique Pérez Campuzano and Clemencia Santos Cerquera

Chiapas: immigration, migration and migratory transit territory
María Eugenia Anguiano Téllez

External-cause mortality in Medellin, 1999-2006
Doris Cardona Arango

Deaths from violence in women in Tijuana, Baja California, 1999-2005
David F. Fuentes Romero and Irma A. González Hernández

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