Datum in demographic research: an epistemological vision
José Escobedo Rivera

Towards a theory of farming poverty
Julio Boltvinik

Estimation of occurred and registered births, Mexico 1950-2000
Carlos Galindo and Manuel Ordorica

Estimation of the statistical distribution of the total fertility rate
Milenka Linneth Argote Cusi

Birth control: a history’s outline
Mauricio Schoijet

Familial remittances before current account in Mexico, 1980-2006
Alma Rosa Muñoz Jumilla and Laura Elena del Moral Barrera

Feminine remittances and households in the State of Guanajuato
Telésforo Ramírez García and Patricia Román Reyes

Wage inequality in Mexico: a review
David Castro Lugo and Luis Huesca Reynoso

Marginalization index and the pattern of familial alimentary consumption of Nuevo Leon
Esteban Gilberto Ramos Peña, Ciro Valdés Lozano, Pedro César Cantú Martínez, Gilberto Salinas García, Liliana Gpe. González Rodríguez and Luz Natalia Berrún Castañón

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