Latin American families: changing, diverse and unequal
Irma Arriagada

Changes in the division of the family work in Mexico
Brígida García Guzmán

Time space and transnationalism: some reflections
Daniel Hiernaux-Nicolas

Spatialities, displacements and

Alicia Lindón

The border space in the articulation of transnational social spaces: theoretical reflection and empirical analysis
Cristóbal Mendoza Pérez

Socio-demographical description ca. 2000. Women and poverty in the Southern Common Market member

Dora Celton and Viviana Masciadri


International agreements and gender equality: an analysis of Mexico’s obligations
Elizabeth Maier

Violence against women in an
environment of social inequity:
deceitful homicides in Tijuana, Baja California

David F. Fuentes Romero, Margarita Barajas Tinoco and Silvia Figueroa Ramírez

Income, income inequality and
mortality in metropolitan regions of Brazil: an exploratory approach

Mardone Cavalcante França and Neir Antunes Paes

Mortality in first infancy in the City of Buenos Aires in the 1860-2002 period
Victoria Mazzeo

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