Envelhecimento, pobreza e proteção social na América Latina
Ana Amélia Camarano y Maria Tereza Pasinato

Grandparents and grandchildren living together, a better life for the youngest? The cases of Brazil and Peru
Elisenda Rentería Pérez, Cássio Maldonado Turraand Bernardo Lanza Queiroz

Metropolitan urbanization in Mexico: regulations and socieconomic characteristics
Gustavo Garza

Dynamics of the polycentric structure of the tertiary employment in the metropolitan area of the City of Toluca, 1994-2004
Carlos Garrocho and Juan Campos

Proposal to measure the salary economic development: application in twelve of the main urban areas in Mexico, 1988-2002
Ismael Plascencia López

Indigenous migrations to the cities of Mexico and Tijuana
Laura Velasco Ortiz

The identity of emigrants from Mexico City
Ricardo Sabates and Fabio Pettirino

Change and social situation of the youths in Argentina
Ana Miranda, Analía Otero and Agustina Corica

Culture, youth and delinquency in theState of Mexico
José Luis Cisneros

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